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they will find this portrait 3000 years from now and create a religion out of it

I hope they do.

you mean it doesn’t exist

the fuck is wrong with this world

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So I was at work
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Leo: Nephilim-The offspring of humans and angels in some stories they are giants, who are taller, stronger and dumber than most humans. In other stories they are beautiful/handsome creatures with retractable wings of ether, known for their passionate and ruthless behavior. Strong , handsome/beautiful, vain, and addicted to luxury sounds pretty Leo to me.
- From psych-facts. And here I called myself Nephilim because I thought it was a nice concept.
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In otherwords, if an artist is absorbed in using watery brush, he or she is obligated to view back exhume much possible inferiors associated concomitant his or her chosen stingy. Be it the proclamation on Dataism, or energys at addressing the digital painting the algorithmic sweetie that is…

dafuq did I just read

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